Our team of dedicated health professionals are here to serve you. We combine extensive knowledge in the field of integrated wellness care with a passion for helping people feel better. It is our goal to create a friendly and professional atmosphere that you can rely on for all of your health needs.


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Dr. Omar – Chiropractor

Dr. Omar is Cuban-American. His parents escaped Cuba in 1980 and came to Florida with nothing but the clothes on their backs. He is grateful that because of this sacrifice he can practice his passion and serve others in his calling of Chiropractic. 

Dr. Omar suffered from weekly migraines his whole life since he was 8 years old. At 25 while finishing his bachelor’s degree at Utah State University he went to a Chiropractor with some hip pain. To his astonishment, the weekly migraines disappeared completely. He then changed his life course and became a Chiropractic Physician. Dr. Omar earned his Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.) degree from Sherman College of Chiropractic.

Known for his gentle adjustments, Dr. Omar has a special passion for infants and pregnant mothers but loves taking care of whole families, so they can live to their fullest potential. He also specializes in auto accident occupant injuries and strives to provide others with genuine care.

Justin Hofhines – Physical Therapy –

Justin is originally from Idaho Falls, ID. From his youth, he enjoyed football, baseball, skiing, biking and being in the outdoors. As a young man, he served in the Cedar Badge youth leadership organization as an instructor and board member. Prior to college, he enjoyed serving as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in northern Italy. Upon returning from Italy, he moved to Sacramento, CA where he completed his associate’s degree and took his first step toward his therapy career by working as a personal trainer. He then had the opportunity to attend the University of Kansas, where he interned in athletic training for 2 years and received his bachelor’s degree in 1999. While there, he worked as a trainer with the swimming and diving team, and the women’s soccer team. He returned to Idaho to complete his Master’s degree in Physical Therapy at Idaho State University, graduating in 2004. He continued his athletic training work during this time as well, serving as the assistant trainer for the women’s basketball team. His talents and interests remain in the areas of orthopedic rehab, manual therapy, and sports rehab. Today, Justin’s favorite activities include spending time with his family, working on home or community projects, mountain biking, hiking, enjoying live musicals or going to a game.

Angie – Nutrition and Health Coach

Angie Rodriguez the newest provider for the team here Wasatch Integrated Wellness. Her health principles aligned well with the clinic in regard to the emphasis on caring for ‘the whole person,’ by addressing multiple areas of health. As your nutrition coach, she aims to help with your dietary needs in addition to helping you understand your own motivations towards positive change. She has graduated from Bastyr University with her degree in nutrition science and has a combined total of 13 years of experience working in various health occupations. She also has a second bachelor’s degree from UVU and is now a licensed health teacher for middle and high school. Currently, Angie specializes in plant-based diets, weight loss, intuitive eating and whole food cooking. However, she can also address goal setting, meal planning, grocery shopping tips and answer specific questions related to only you. When not at work, she pursues her passions in music, mentoring youth and taking steps to care for the environment and animals.

Bastion- Massage Therapy

Bastion was born in Redmond, Washington. He received his massage therapy license from the Utah College of Massage Therapy and continues his education throughout each year. He has extensive training in rehabilitation such as trigger point therapy, postural correction, and injury rehabilitation massage. He enjoys performing all forms of massage that help his patients improve flexibility, range of motion, and general healthy living.  When Bastion isn’t at work, he enjoys spending time in the mountains, going on hikes, camping, reading about the latest scientific discoveries, and spending quality time with his loved ones.

Whitney – Massage Therapy

Whitney was raised in a small town near Elko, NV with her big family of 9. She graduated from High School in 2015 and got a state grant that helped get her into a school of her choosing. She found a trade school and moved to Orem, UT to attend UCMT, Utah College of Massage Therapy. She completed her training in only 7 ½ months, graduating in March of 2016, and has since been doing what she loves, massage therapy, for the last 3 years. Whitney has been trained in many types of modalities such as Swedish, trigger point, medical, sports, cranial, reflexology, and structural massage. Her favorites are trigger point and reflexology.

She specializes in correctional medical massage therapy because she wanted to help people like her Father who has gone through so many years of having pain and always searching for relief. That’s what motivated Whitney to go into massage therapy, ever since she was a kid she had a gift for finding knots and working them out. She would work on her family and friends to the point that everyone agreed she should go into a therapy career. When Whitney isn’t at 4work she likes to be around her friends, going dancing, walks, and reading. She has a love for helping those in need.

Caroline Figueroa – Clinic Administration

Born and raised in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico, received a Bachelor of Science in Nursing at University of Puerto Rico, Recinto Universitario de Mayaguez. She has worked before in different hospitals settings as an undergrad in customer service, helping in clinical procedures and patient education. She is certified in CPR by the American Heart Association and in HIPPA policies. Her long term goal is to validate her nursing license in Utah to work as a nurse in her Direct Primary Clinic. Her day to day goal is to bring a smile to every person who walks at the clinic and help them in anything she can do. When not at the office the loves to go outdoors and enjoy the nature and the sights.